Home Buying

Step-By-Step Guide

You started your search online – you are so smart!  I like you already 🙂

But now you are thinking “OMG, there are so many properties, what do I do next?” – short answer TEXT ME

For a longer answer keep reading and get the Buyer’s Guide below.

  1. Get pre-approved for a mortgage or, at the very least, speak with a professional about how much you can afford. Do the math… don’t forget the taxes, utilities, condo fees. You want to know exactly what homeownership will cost you.
  2. Now that you have the numbers, make your wish list! Think about what you need and want. Where you want to be and everything that your new home will have to offer. Maybe drive around the neighbourhoods that interest you.
  3. Get on the phone and call me! Whether you want to buy a new build or a pre-owned home, you want to expertise of a REALTOR on your side.  I can provide a laser-focused search, provide you hand-picked properties and of course, negotiate my butt off to get you the best price and terms on the purchase on your new home. What are you waiting for??