Hidden Beds

An Old Trick Made New Again!

By: Christina Guerrero

Whether you live in a small apartment of you want to make the guest room into something you can use more than on special occasions, a wall bed just might be what you are looking for to transform that area in a multi -use space.

“Traditional beds can occupy a large percentage of the available pace in a bedroom,” says Martin Tardif, vice-president of sales for Bestar, a wall bed supplier for Costco. ” A  wall bed allows someone to fold the bed out of the way when it’s not being used to reclaim the space for other purposes”

Wall Bed Origins

Known as Murphy beds, closet beds, disappearing beds, fold-down beds and pull-down beds, wall beds, which fold up into a wall or a cupboard, were traditional furniture pieces sold through department store catalogues in the early 1900s.

Wall Bed Appeal

Wall beds appeal to people who live in small apartments and need to use their traditional bedroom for several purposes. They likewise have fans among owners of larger homes who want to turn an extra bedroom into an office or an exercise, sewing, music of craft room. People are also using wall beds in vacation properties to maximize the number of beds, while not restricting the living space.  Also, families with multi-level houses where none of the bedrooms are on the first floor are using wall beds for family members who can’t go up and down stairs easily.

Old Idea, Modern Features

While the functional and space-saving benefits of wall beds have remained constant, the materials, ease of assembly and safety features have improved. This all aids in raising and lowering of the bed, as well as preventing the bed from springing close. And along with opening in the traditional orientation, many wall beds are now build with attached storage, desks and entertainment centres and in a sideway-oriented design, which reduces the bed’s height so that it can be used in rooms with a restricted ceiling height.

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