Home Improvement : Wi-Fi

We are all connected… all the time! And getting the most out of your smart-phone, tablet, e-book, laptop and smart-tv requires optimal performance from your home Wi-Fi.  Here are some tips from Mark Saltzman to facilitate the greatest connection:

  1. Put your router in the optimal spot in your home. For example, never put it in your basement, because it will be tough for devices elsewhere in your home to communicate with it.
  2.  If you live in a larger home, you might consider an inexpensive wireless extender (often, referred to as a “repeater”) and place it in the area of your home where the Wi-Fi reception is poor.
  3. If it’s been a few years since you upgraded your router, consider picking up a new one with 802.11ac speeds instead of the older 802.11n protocal. It’s faster, covers a wider area and supports more simultaneous users (and now dozens of devices).
  4. Newer routers also offer both a 2.4GHz connection and 5 GHz. This is ideal, as it could minimize interference among devices. When joining your devices to your router, you can choose which frequency you prefer.
  5. While optional, it’s strongly recommended that you have a password on your wireless network to ensure your neighbours aren’t steeling your Wi-Fi!  On a related note, many routers let you set up a guest network for visiting friends.

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