Benefits of Generosity

Do you want to improve your well-being and live longer? Practice generosity. Generous people tend to be happier and healthier than their less generous peers. Here are some benefits of being generous:

  • You’ll stress less. Being generous releases feel-good chemicals in your brain, which can help you reduce stress.
  • It’ll improve your work performance. Altruism on the job can help you boost work satisfaction, improve relationships with your co-workers and make you more committed to your job.
  • You’ll make someone’s day. You’ll improve someone’s mood, and may even prompt them to pay it forward.
    You’ll contribute to the greater good of your community. Good deeds help you build relationships with other people in your local area, making you feel more connected to your neighbours and community.
  • You’ll feel more grateful. A kind gesture will make you thankful that you are able to help, and may make you feel more satisfied with your life.

How generous are Canadians?

According to research, Canadians are a generous lot who report giving charity by donating time, money or possessions.

  • Residents of Manitoba and Saskatchewan make up the highest rate of charitable givers who claim their donations on their taxes.
  • Residents of Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are more likely to say they donate to charitable organizations or causes.
  • Residents in British Columbia and Alberta are more likely to donate larger sums of money, and are more likely to report volunteering for an organization

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