5 Ways to Pay it Forward

Express gratitude for everything you have by paying it forward to help your community.

1.  Volunteer. It’s one of the best ways to help others and make an impact in your area. Find a local charity and volunteer for a few hours a month or help someone that you know.

2. Mentor. Share your experiences with others. Mentors provide useful insight and help guide people along their career paths. A fancy title and corner office aren’t required to be a mentor; you just have to be comfortable enough to share your experiences, give advice and offer an ear to listen.

3. Share a skill. Are you a whiz at creating spreadsheets or using photo editing software? Teach others how to do it. Many local colleges offer non-credit classes led by experts in the community. Additionally, many cities and towns offer classes through their community services divisions. If you don’t have time to teach a class in person, try online. Websites such as Skillshare give experts a platform to share their knowledge and skills with students from all over the globe.

4. Use your skills to help others. Knit hats for newborns, make dinner for a neighbour who is sick or who just had a baby, or help an elderly neighbour with repairs around the house. Whatever it is, let your skills help improves omeone’s day.

5. Write a kind note to someone. It doesn’t matter who you write the note to; the only requirement is that it’s genuine. Write an encouraging note to your niece who’s in her first year of high school, write a note to a former teacher and explain how much they’ve impacted your life, or write a note to the barista who always has a smile on his or her face every morning when you get your coffee. Not only will it boost the spirit of the person who receives it, it’ll also encourage them to strive higher, and maybe write a note of their own.


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