Use Plants to Your Advantage

These plants not only boost curb appeal, they also keep the pests in your garden in check. Plant a few, and reap the rewards.

Plants that repel pests

• Basil repels flies. Place in pots in your window sills and in the kitchen or sun porch.
• Catnip repels mosquitos, but, a word of caution: It will make your yard very popular to neighbourhood cats.
• Artemesia (including wormwood and sagebrush) repels ants, whiteflies and moths and may repel mice.
• Marigolds repel insects
• Garlic repels insects and rabbits.
• Spearmint repels ants, fleas, moths and rodents

Plants that attract beneficial insects

Not all bugs are bad. Some insects—such as ladybugs, lacewings and ground beetles— keep the bad bugs at bay. Attract beneficial insects with the following plants:

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