Fast Fixes for Household Sounds

How many times have you been in your house and heard a noise that you can’t identify? Here are four of the most common household noises, and how to fix them.

Knocking in the wall

What it is: The loud knocking you hear in the walls is often one of two things:

1. A water pipe that isn’t securely attached to the wood stud in the wall so that when the wood expands, the pipe rubs against it and makes a noise.
2. The pressure from turning the faucet on and off is causing the pipe to vibrate. Both problems are common in older homes, and are easily remedied.

What to do:  Call a professional to secure the pipe or install a sleeve over it.

Creaking floors and stairs

What it is: Wooden floor planks can loosen over time. The creaking sound is either the wood rubbing against the nail or the boards rubbing against one another.

What to do: Put oil between the boards or tighten the boards with nails or glue.

Gurgling or flushing toilet

What it is: If your toilet mysteriously flushes or it sounds like it has indigestion, you could have a worn-out toilet valve or a backup in your sewer line.

What to do: To check for a leak, put a drop of food colouring in the water tank and see if the water in the bowl changes color. If it does, check the seal of the flapper valve in the tank and replace it if necessary. However, if you suspect a sewer backup, it’s best to call a plumber to tackle the job.

Scratching in the ceiling or walls

What it is: Just as you enjoy the warm and cozy comfort of your home in the winter, rodents do as well. If you hear loud scratching or the sound of scurrying little feet, you may have small furry visitors.

What to do: Call a pest control specialist to evict your unwanted guests.

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