Grow Your Relationships with Your Neighbours This Holiday Season



Whether you’re new to the neighbourhood or you’ve lived there for years, the holidays provide a great opportunity to meet your neighbours. What better way to get to know the people on your block or in your building than to bring them a small, thoughtful gift to break the ice? The size of the gift doesn’t matter; what matters is building relationships with your neighbours.

Here are some gift ideas for the holidays:

  • Hot cocoa or apple cider mix in mugs will keep your neighbours toasty on a cold winter’s day. Pick up a few sets at discount and department stores around the holidays.
  • Cookie mixes in mason jars are sure to express the holiday spirit. Fill the jar with mixes for holiday favourites like gingerbread or sugar cookies.
  • Baked goods are a timeless gift. While you’re baking cookies for the holidays, bake a few dozen extra to give to your neighbours. Other yummy options include popcorn balls, bread or pies.
  • Poinsettias are a symbol of the holiday season. Give one to your neighbour, or choose another winter flowering plant such as kalanchoe, amaryllis or paperwhite narcissus.
  • A bottle of wine or another favourite beverage is a nice surprise your neighbours are sure to appreciate.

3 Benefits of Knowing Your Neighbours

  • Safety. Neighbourhoods where people know one another tend to be safer than those where people are strangers. Friendly neighbours might feel more comfortable notifying authorities if they see suspicious activity

–  Starting a neighbourhood watch program.
–  Keeping an eye on your neighbour’s house while they’re out of town.

  • Sharing. Tight-knit neighbours are more likely to share resources, whether it’s a hammer or extra goodies from the garden.

–  Helping your elderly neighbours with yard work like shovelling snow.
–  Taking dinner to a neighbour who is under the weather.

  • Social support. People with strong social ties are not only happier, but they also tend to live longer

–  Organizing a block party or potluck dinner to get to know them.
– Smiling and waving at your neighbors when they pass by your house

3 Ways to Be a Better Neighbour

  1. Be friendly. A little small talk goes a long way. Say “hello” to your neighbours, and try to get to know them.
  2. Be considerate. If you share walls with your neighbours, be aware of the noise that your appliances, gadgets and animals make, especially if your neighbour has a different work schedule from you. And, be sure to keep it down after 9 or 10 pm.
  3. Keep your place tidy. Whether you live in an apartment, a subdivision or in a rural area, it’s important to keep your property in good shape. Sweep your doorway, pick up litter and mow your lawn.

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